Want Effort? Capital 3 Millions Can Business Cimol Loh!

Business cimol is one of the types of food that can be said the market has never been deserted. For business cimol that sell fried food from the basic ingredients of aci this is a snack favored by many people especially from among the young people. Cimol or abbreviation of aci digemol indeed offered a taste of what makes collecting. What’s more, when coupled with a variety of seasoning powders ranging from salty to spicy, spicy cheese, barbeque spicy, and the taste of the other spices.

Want Business Capital 3 Millions Can Business Cimol Loh!

Food Cimol

Cimol typical food of Bandung is still one family with fried foods made from aci that cireng or aci fried. Fried food cimol is becoming a favorite snack starting dai children to adults. Taste is delicious with the texture of soft and chewy. The appearance of the fried food cimol in general round shape. To find cimol is arguably not as difficult as cimol are sold in a variety of places. Ranging from itinerant traders, hawkers, to food bazaar a lot of selling it. The enthusiasm of the people in general will be a snack cimol can be said to be high so do not be surprised if cimol become a favorite snack of many people and businesses cimol too much.

From this create a business opportunity cimol have promising prospects. Enthusiasts of fried food cimol large where each day many are looking for him. You are interested to start a business cimol? To run a business cimol is not so difficult to capital is also not big enough around the 3 millions you can have your own business. Fried food cimol is very hard sell in the market so it will be easy to market it. In addition it is a way of processing cimol is also easy and practical. Before you run the business cimol is a good idea you know more about the business cimol this. The following SME Business will review the business cimol small capital of 3 millions, which could be the business idea profitable for you.

About The Business Cimol


1. Business Opportunities Cimol

Business opportunities cimol is very nice and very bright. Business cimol into a culinary business that promises up to a lot of people who are interested to pursue the business. When running a business cimol indeed can begin with easy steps and a small capital of about 3 millions. In addition the business cimol can be started from small-scale five feet or home.

2. Businesses Cimol

Business cimol this can and matches run by all the people who want to want a business processed cimol such favorable. Anyone who wants to run the business small capital, business cimol could be a profitable option. Even can also be used as a side business for extra income.

3. Consumer Business Cimol

Can be said to be consumers of food cimol is very wide. Consumer cimol is quite large and not limited to the starting age among children to adults. Because it is very suitable to be used as a snack the price is also very affordable.

4. Raw Materials Business Cimol

In running the business cimol require raw materials for its manufacture. To make cimol that favors the need of the raw material rice flour wheat flour, starch, baking soda, cooking oil, salt, pepper powder, cayenne pepper, sugar, garlic, brown sugar, tamarind and dried herbs. Raw material cimol is easy to find because it is already available in the market. Make sure in running a business cimol to choose quality materials so it feels good.

5. Business Equipment Cimol

For business cimol need some essential equipment which cart sell, dough mixer machine, large skillet, spatula, oil drainer, lifter food, basin, waste bins, gas cooker, trays, cups, spoons, forks napkins, and other supporting equipment.

6. The Location Of The Business Cimol

For the location of the business cimol you can determine which relaxation and well-traveled by many people. As close to the school, campus, office, or in the food court of the local. Business cimol can be run by opening kiosks, booths, or tents on the outskirts of the road, city centre, tourist attractions and more.

Business Analysis Cimol



Cart Rp 1.250.000

Stove & Gas Idr 300,000

Pan Rp 125.000

Frying Pan Rp 125.000

Container Rp 80,000

Plate Rp Rp 150.000

Spoon Rp 85.000

Fork Rp 85.000

Blade Rp 45.000

Table & Chairs Rp 750.000

Additional Equipment Rp 80,000

The Total Investment Of Rp 3.075.000

Operational Costs Per Month Business Cimol

Fixed Costs


Storefront 1/60 x Rp 1.250.000 Rp 21.000

Stove 1/50 x Rp 300.000 Rp 6,000

Pan 1/50 x Rp 125.000 Rp 2,500

Pan 1/50 Rp 125.000 Rp 2,500

Container 1/45 Rp 80,000 To Rp 2,000

Plate 1/45 x Rp 150.000 Rp 3,000

Spoon 1/45 x Rp 85,000 Rp 2,000

Fork 1/45 Rp 85,000 Rp 2,000

Knife 1/45 x Rp 45.000 Rp 1,000

Table & Chair 1/60 Rp 750.000 Rp 13.000

Depreciation an Additional Tool 1/35 x Rp 80,000 to Rp 2,000

Total Fixed Costs Depreciation Of Rp 57.000

Variable Costs

Aci Rp 20.000 x 30 Rp 600.000

Chives Rp 5,000 x 30 Rp 150.000

Cooking oil Rp 20.000 x 30 Rp 600.000

Flavored powder Rp 10.000 x 30 Rp 300.000

Water Rp 5,000 x 30 Rp 150.000

Pepper Rp 3,000 x 30 Rp 90.000

Salt Rp 1,000 x 30 Rp 30.000

Coriander Rp 3,000 x 30 Rp 90.000

Garlic Rp 7,000 x 30 Rp 210.000

Total Variable Costs Rp 2.220.000

Monthly Income Business Cimol

Average Sales

35 servings x Rp 5,000 Rp 175.000

Usd 175,000 x 30 days Rp 5.250.000

Profit Per Month

Profit = Total Revenue – Total Operating Costs

Then Profit = Rp 5.250.000 – Rp 2.277.000 = Rp 2.973.000

Long Return On Investment

Total Investment : Profit

Rp 3.075.000 : Rp 2.973.000 = about 1 month

Cara Membuat Cimol

Business Cimol

After learning business analysis cimol you also should really master the technique of making snacks cimol delicious so that more and more customers. In addition you should also pay attention to the related packaging food cimol interesting. Like packaging paper bag small with the color and interesting design. Furthermore, the SMES will review the recipes and ways of making snacks cimol delicious

Material Cimol

– 9 tbsp fine rice flour which is already sifted

– Starch sago 900 grams

– Baking soda 1 ½ tsp

– 6 tsp flour

– Salt to taste

– Water 700 ml

– Pepper powder to taste

– Cooking oil

Making Way

1. Enter rice flour, starch, wheat flour, salt, pepper powder into the container and stir until evenly distributed.

2. While stirring add water little by little into the batter and continue stirring.

3. If the dough is chewy, add the baking soda into the batter, mix well.

4. Once the dough is ready, shape into small dots.

5. Heat the cooking oil, make sure the volume is large, so that cimol can inflate perfectly when fried.

6. Enter cimol into the pan, fry until cooked.

7. Cimol ready to be served, add the spice powder according to taste.

That is review about business cimol that you can make business ideas small capital 3 millions. Hopefully this article useful yes. Continue to refer to the article about the other business only in the bisnisukm.com Share this article to your friends the other so that more and more people are inspired to run a business.

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