Not Easy! This Challenge Open The Online Store Website

In the midst of all-round dilemma with the pandemic Covid-19, as requires the business that we run so as soon as possible go online so I can survive and continue to grow.

One alternative that may be a consideration in marketing the product is to open the online store website.

There are several advantages that we can get to open the website their own online store, one of which is the freedom in managing the business. Some of the foundation you can read in the following article.

Well, besides all of that, it turns out there are a lot of challenges opening the online store website, as we will explain below.

The Challenges Of Open Online Store Website

The challenges of Open Online Store Website and a Picture of the Solution

Illustration of the challenges of offline business go online:

Bang Abdul currently has a toy store in the wholesale market in the city of Surabaya. The store has been running five years and have a lot of customers.

Because there is a pandemic, stores Bang Abdul now is in the doldrums because people are reluctant to shop in the market. Well, this time Bang Abdul wants to market his merchandise online so that the business does not collapse.

Among the many options, Bang Abdul choose platform online store based website so he can be free to develop their business without being tied to complicated rules.

Well, roughly what should be prepared by a Bang Abdul?

Short, Bang Abdul poorer should be pioneering online business from Zero, similar to when he opened his shop for the first time. The difference, Bang Abdul can go faster in the online market because it already has stock.

Next Bang Abdul lives to think of things here so online stores he pioneered fast growing:

Hire The Services Of Professional Website Creation

For the calculation you will save more time, cost and effort if the online store-making straight left to the experts.

The cost of making a online store vary, depending on the desired features. At the time of the beginning because not a lot of visitors you do not need to be grandiose in choosing a facility such as a bandwidth capacity and storage hosting. Most importantly, select a services that has been trusted.

Following The Advertising Campaign That Quickly Known

The advertising campaign is absolute when you are pioneering online store website, because it’s related to how visitors can find your shop.

The faster your store indexed by search engines, then the sooner the potential visitors can find your shop.

There are many service advertising campaign that can be selected, one of which is Google Ads. If you want a local no name Viralmu.the id that is currently trending too.

Determine the Transaction Method Right

This concerns the convenience of consumers ranging from how they choose or compare the goods, do the checkout, to make a payment.

Here at least there are two things you must note. The first is the layout or appearance of the website and the second is the mechanism of checkout, payment and confirmation of payment.

Specifically for payment method, you can take advantage of whose name a payment gateway or billing online store that allows consumers to feel secure and comfortable when you trade in your store.

Let the payment mechanism occurs automatically by way of renting of a third party or aggregator and you live to monitor their progress.

There are many payment aggregator that can be selected, ranging from cheap and cheerful like Domosquare to professional class, such as Doku, Midtrans, iPaymu, and so forth.

Form A Working Team

Team work required to handle the problem of online marketing, copywriting, design, product image, customer service and others according to the needs.

In principle there are no restrictions about the number of team members, can one person accredited to various work at once or it could be more than one person to handle the parts thereof respectively.

Thus at a glance an overview of the challenges of open online store website that you should understand.

May be useful.

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