Excess Sales In The Marketplace For Beginners

Build business on social media is fun because it is free and can attract a lot of customers. In such a way have your own shop online is also not less interesting because we are more free to manage the store even though the cost is not cheap.

So, what about the marketplace? What are the advantages of selling in the marketplace? And for beginners it is better choose the social media like Facebook and Instagram, or build online store from scratch, or build a business in the marketplace?

Well, for those of you who are want to sell online for the first time, we will share tips about selling online in the marketplace along with the reason why should be in the marketplace not in social media or create their own online store. First know the challenge!

The challenges of Selling in the Marketplace Vs Social Media Vs Online Store

This challenge only applies if you want to start selling from zero.

So if you have previously nyicil factors that support the sales such as the number of friends and fans page (Facebook), followers (Instagram), or the science of SEO (website), then this challenge is not so meaningful because you can choose whatever platform for selling.

Another thing if you still don’t have a ‘capital’ as exemplified, then the marketplace could be the start of the most easy. Here is the reason.

Excess Sales In The Marketplace For Beginners

Minimal Capital

You can sell in the marketplace with a capital of hundreds of thousands to billions of rupiah. During the stock products already in hand, you can sell.

You do not need to rent a shop or kiosk for selling, because the stock simply stored in warehouse without having to visit the buyer directly.

The Market Is Already There

Marketplace like Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada, Shopee, and the other is a gathering place for merchants and also buyers.

As well as selling in the market, you do not need to fear that the products you sell are not sold, for what you are selling there are consumers.

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Do Not Need Special Skills

To sell in the marketplace you just prepare the stock photos of the product, setting up interesting words for the title and description of the products, and internet quota.

After upload products, the system marketplace is automatically run to display your product to the consumer.

Many Of The Features Stay Put

Not easy to create an online store with an interesting look plus all the features. In the marketplace we do not need to create it all because it is already provided.

An example is the system of tracking the receipt automatically, the payment of the courier cashless, the purchase of the COD system, a place to hold your balance, bonuses, free postage and others.

You can imagine to bring these features in your own online store? Definitely tricky and it took a special team, right? For beginners definitely it is not recommended because the spent time and cost to do the planning long.

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Transactions Are Guaranteed Safe

Each marketplace will have the name of payment gateway. In addition to the guaranteed safety, of course, the buyer is free to buy in the marketplace, because it can pay in the method they want.

This feature is not can we get on social media. And if to implement payment gateway in store-based online website, the cost is quite expensive.

Support Marketing

Marketing can be called as the warhead of the activities of the selling. In the absence of the right marketing strategy, our business impossible will flourish.

Many of the features the marketing that is provided by the marketplace and each marketplace has its own flagship. For example in India, sellers can share the feed story, promotion broadcast to paid advertising.

In Shopee likewise, you can take advantage of marketing services with very affordable prices if compared to have to choose and sort out the marketing tools yourself.

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