Business Opportunities Used Goods Online (Second Hand Stuff)

Business used goods online now is quite sought after, because its market share is very broad. Used goods we mean here is that used goods are still worth taking or commonly known as second hand stuff, other terms are often also called items preloved

An example is the used clothing, used computers, used cars, used motorcycles, home appliances used, and so forth.

Market of second hand stuff pretty much, just less trending in Indonesia. So rarely companies class unicorn who cultivate this market.

Well, if you don’t want to miss a moment of this gold, you have to adjust the strategy or at least can imitate the parties who have been successful with the business of used goods online.

What Are The Prospects Of The Business Of Used Goods Online?

Although the seller used goods online this average is still dominated by the personal (selling personal property), but the logic of this idea can be used as a business (wholesale – sell).

The proof is in the offline world many traders used goods that the shop crowded with customers every day.

Still Not Convinced? Try a peek on the site-this great site!

Already popular in Indonesia, call it as Laku6, Prelo, Carousell and Olx. The following peelings in a nutshell. is the site online special sale-buy mobile used.

Its more like a mediator, trying to connect between the buyer and seller of mobile phone used.

Here, consumers are given the assurance of quality and price. We are quite aware that buying a mobile phone the former is indeed quite risky, and here. able to answer business challenges.

Can be said Prelo is a marketplace for used goods. If you are interested in the business of used goods you can market in Prelo. Anything can be sold here origin is still unfit for use, ranging from gas stoves to clothes.


Carousell is the marketplace new and used goods, which operates Indonesia, hong kong, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Canada and the Philippines. Its headquarters itself is located in Singapore. The people of Indonesia love shopping second hand stuff in the form of clothing, especially of the fair sex. There are a lot of items branded original for sale cheap, although his condition is still 80 – 90 %.

Olx is the website to buy and sell products that are not less famous in Indonesia. Although there are many categories of goods that can be sold there, the business scale is known as the site buy sell cars and used motorcycles as well as property.

The business scale is still relatively new in Indonesia, established in January 2014 by Chaim Fetter which is also famous as the founder of the Foundation for Care of the Child.

(Additional) Forum and social media

The Forum which is most famous for the activity of buying and selling used stuff made of them is Kaskus and OLX. Both of them have the mobility of the buyer and the seller are very high.

In addition, social media such as Facebook marketplace and Instagram also became the basis of the activity of sale-purchase of goods used.

If you want to plunge into social media or forum to run the business of used goods online, then there are rules that must be followed, especially the rules of the forum owners or the facilities that you use in social media such as group.

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What Platform is best For Business Used Goods Online?

According to our all platforms as mentioned above is great for selling used goods worth taking.

One reason is because this business is very minimal competitors. Even the goods that you sell could be the only option.

One of the keys to the success of the business thrift is the pricing strategy. You have to remember though that you sell is branded goods, but its status has never been used. Do not ever set a price that is not fair, because consumers will not glance at.

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